Wedding Ceremony Choices – Marriage Hints For Different Types of Ceremonies

As a definition, a wedding is a ceremony with legal ramifications that cements the union of a couple, and nowadays that couple does not have to be made up of a man and a woman. A ceremony held in a church or other place of worship does not create the legal institution of marriage. Marriage, as a legally binding act, is only complete once the marriage license or other legal documents are completed and signed. The titles bridegroom and bride are used worldwide; the titles husband and wife are the usually how they are called following the ceremony.

Wedding traditions are impacted by lots of things; such as religion, race, and class that complicate the planning process. Even when people aren’t very religious, they often opt for a traditional wedding ceremony in a house of worship performed by a member of the clergy. This kind of ceremony is called a “white wedding” in the U.S., as well as in Great Britain and all of the British Commonwealth.

One unique type of wedding is a situation where two separate couples decide to wed at the same time, as in the case of siblings that are getting married and want to do a joint type of ceremony.

Traditionally, the term “destination wedding” referred to a couple getting married in a different country. Today, a destination wedding doesn’t required you to leave the country as long as your go out of your home town.

Weddings planned for a Saturday or Sunday are being seen more frequently nowadays, and in Ireland, they have been known to extend over a three-day weekend. There are other events that can be planned around a particular theme and that often happen over the course of a weekend. Guests are usually housed at the same venue where the ceremony will be held, and there’s frequently a Sunday brunch hosted by the couple to end the weekend.

As odd as it may sound, you can even use an online wedding ceremony utilizing characters of yourself to bring a sense of reality to the ceremony. There are internet companies that are dedicated to this process and are more than happy to help you with the planning phase. Another benefit of online/internet weddings is that it can be utilized to inform friends and family in other areas of the wedding.

When a couple doesn’t marry in a house of worship, they’ll often opt for a civil ceremony conducted by a justice of the peace, a judge or perhaps the local mayor. Such ceremonies would be mere legal occasions, making no reference to a divine being. It isn’t much of a concern to the folks getting married in a city hall or courtrooms due to the quick amount of time it takes to perform these ceremonies.

Hopefully after reading this, you will have a much better understanding of weddings and marriage.