How Cohabitation Has Changed The Definition of Marriage For Many

My opinions of cohabitation have changed drastically over the last decade. I was raised in a home where my mother always said that living together before you married is not a good idea. Well when I went off to college in 1998, I met a serious girlfriend. I decided the rent would be cheaper and we would be closer if we just lived together. Well after about a year everything came crashing down, even to the point police were getting called by the neighbors because of the arguments. My relationship ended with my failed attempt at suicide.

When I was trying to put my life back together I started going to church. This is where I first heard that cohabitation was not a good idea. Before I ever sent to church, I thought everyone cohabitated to see if they could get along with who they wanted to marry. Now I have heard numerous reports about the benefits of waiting to live together until marriage. Since I have been in the church, I have not had any type of sexual contact with a dating mate. I really want to wait for my honeymoon with whoever that may be. It has been about 8 years since me and my girlfriend broke up. I was a best man at my best friends wedding last year, and he was so excited for his honeymoon because he had been dating his bride now for 4 years. He moved in with her following the wedding.

I decided that that type of model is the way a marriage should be. I just can’t see how someone could not be sexually active if they are living together before marriage. That would make the whole wedding ceremony just a piece of paper. I want to remember my wedding night as the first day me and my wife began our sexual relationship. That may be old fashioned, but if I can’t say no before marriage, I’ll probably never be able to say no to other females after marriage.