5 Great Celebration Ideas For a Special 50th Wedding Anniversary

A golden wedding party, renewing marriage vows, gold wine party, golden picnic, and a Whitehouse anniversary greeting for those residing in the US are some of the great ways in celebrating 50th wedding anniversary.

50th wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate with family and friends. Staying together in love and marriage for 5 decades definitely calls for a celebration. A golden anniversary celebration needs thorough preparation to let everyone know your undying and golden love for each other. Below are the great ways to celebrate such golden event:

Golden wedding party

Since 50th wedding anniversary is symbolized by the color gold. And, it is ideal to throw a party themed in golden hue. Having your home or any location accented in gold will surely emphasize the golden years of a well-spent marriage. Since gold is already an extravagant color, keep the decorations simple and classic. You can also go back in time and have a party, themed 50 years ago. Don’t forget to always add any gold accent such as golden-rimmed china wares, gold balloons, and other golden accessories.

Renewing marriage vows

After 50 years of being together under the sacred vows of marriage, it would be rightful to renew your marriage vows. Saying your vows to your partner once again after 50 years of being together would be sweeter than ever. Arrange a wedding to commemorate and remember the time when you first had your kiss in front of the altar. Renewing your marriage vows will celebrated in golden colors as well.

Gold wine party

Another classic addition to make 50th wedding anniversary special is to celebrate it with sparkling golden wine. Wine can be a perfect symbolism in celebrating good quality marriage. As wine mature the color turns into golden yellow. The quality of the color texture will show the age and taste of the wine. Celebrating 50th wedding anniversary with a wine party will surely speak the wisdom and value of the event. Fill the event with sparkling wine in golden color like Chardonnay.

Golden picnic

Golden wedding anniversary is not just for old people. Instead, it is the most ideal time to celebrate with the whole family. After 50 years of marriage, the couple will surely have a handful of grandchildren. This event may be one of the most special occasions where the younger generation will celebrate with their roots. This a perfect time to celebrate love with the family, showing how that union 50 years ago had become at now.

White House anniversary greeting for those residing in the US

For the US citizens, the White House could send a special wedding greetings. Your 50th marriage anniversary would be extra special to receive a greeting card from the government. Always submit your anniversary greeting request early to provide enough time for the White House to send your greeting on time.

A good cheers and stories about the couple’s married life during the past 50 years of being together will surely make the celebration a good way to reminisce beautiful and fruitful moments.